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Thermal baths in Dax: Holidays and wellness in the Landes

France’s première spa destination, Dax receives more than 60,000 spa-goers annually who have come to the Landes to take advantage of the benefits of the town’s thermal waters. It should be noted that the tradition of the baths in Dax dates back to the Roman Empire, although the activity only truly developed in the 19th century. With its 15 spas, the present-day town is perfectly suited to hosting holidaymakers in search of a wellness experience.

In other words, you will be able to combine wellness and rest during your holidays here. In fact, Camping Landes Azur is located nearby the spas of Dax. The town is known as the best destination for spa therapy for rheumatology, vascular medicine, fibromyalgia and to treat the respiratory tract, urinary tract infections and metabolic disease.

As a result, spa therapy is recommended in particular for chronic illnesses. Once you try them, the mineral waters, mud baths and spa professionals of the Landes will relieve your pain and give you a real sense of wellness. The treatments can take a variety of forms: baths with running water, hydromassage, bubble jets or pre-programmed water jets, taking the waters in a thermal pool, massage by a physiotherapist, and so on. These establishments also offer fitness sessions. You can take advantage of the different relaxation and treatment areas to regain good physical fitness, like massages, Aquaroll, whirlpool baths and steam rooms.

You can also discover Satisform, developed by a masseur/physiotherapist to prevent back pain, relax contractions and eliminate stress. And so, while in Dax, get away from it all and take care of yourself and your body thanks to the different treatments available to you. At the end of your holiday, you will have recharged your batteries and will be ready to get back to work and your daily routine.

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