landes courant huchet azur
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The Huchet Current: Natural scenery

From Lake Léon, the Huchet Current winds through sandy landscapes before flowing out into the Atlantic Ocean. Around this waterway extend more than 600 hectares (6 km²) of vast, preserved expanses of the Huchet Current Nature Reserve, with its particularly rich flora and fauna which earned it its nickname of the “Amazon of the Landes”. The mouth of the current is the only remaining one in the Bay of Biscay to have not been developed by humankind, and it is not uncommon for its vagaries to alter its course. We highly recommend this excursion during your stay at Camping Landes Azur.

Geographically, the reserve overlaps the towns of Léon, Moliets-et-Maa and Vielle-Saint-Girons. It is roughly 30 minutes from Camping Landes Azur.

The nature reserve spans 618 hectares (6.18 km²) and encompasses the strip of dunes, the Landes Forest, the marshes, the peat bogs, Lake Léon, the Huchet Current and more… The most extraordinary aspect of the place is that it was not shaped by humankind, but that its course changes over time and with the tides. On occasion, you may see the mouth of the current heading towards the main beach.

The Huchet Current is also bordered by a luxurious gallery forest. Take a tour led by a nature guide to explore the Landes Forest on foot and learn about its different types of vegetation, some heritage plants and others exotic species the likes of the bald cypress, the royal fern and the Chinese hibiscus. You will also be surprised to come upon endangered animals here like the European mink and remarkable animals such as the little bittern, the smallest of the European herons, and the brown-throated martin. Its wealth of plant and animal species is why the site is nicknamed the “Amazon of the Landes”. Then, take a guided canoe or kayak tour along the Huchet Current and on Lake Léon to discover the tropical vegetation and the animals which come to water in the marshes.
In other words, a day of touring the Huchet Current Nature Reserve is synonymous with relaxation, adventure and learning about the different varieties of local plantlife and wildlife.

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