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Capbreton Breakwater, A barrier against the ocean

A breakwater is a barrier built of large piles in a river or channel. Its purpose is to protect the structures behind it and to close off a passageway in a port or along a waterway. Historically, the breakwater of the town of Capbreton was built on 11 September 1858, at the behest of Napoleon III. This 189 metres long wooden jetty extends far into the Atlantic. It begins at the marina and seaside resort on the Landes part of the Aquitaine coastline, where the Bourret and Boudigau Rivers let out into the ocean.

To get there from Camping Landes Azur, the Capbreton Breakwater is accessible from Capbreton’s Esplanade de la Liberté, just a few minutes’ drive away. It is an excellent place for watching the boats sail by, particularly when the sun is setting over the horizon, bathing it in golden light. When the wind is up, driving impressive waves, the jetty takes on an epic dimension. A must-see attraction during your holiday in the Landes.

It marks the entrance to the Boucarot Strait which leads boats to Capbreton Port and the saltwater Hossegor Lake, a remnant of the old location of the bed of the Adour River. From the time of its creation to today, it has been razed many times over by heavy storms, cannon fire during the Second World War and breaking waves. Nowadays however, even with all the storms, the Capbreton Breakwater still stands strong, stretching 189.6 metres long. You can go for a stroll along it to admire the intermingling marvels of the sky, the land and the sea. The Capbreton Breakwater is the perfect place to watch and appreciate the arrival of boats. You may even be able to make your wish come true and board a boat passing through. You will also see people fishing at the far end of the breakwater and at the foot of the lighthouse, tides permitting. If you want a romantic experience, go for a walk at dusk along the breakwater, where you can enjoy an unbeatable view of a magnificent sunset and, if you’re lucky, you may even catch a glimpse of the famous “green ray”. When the wind is blowing hard, you can also witness the impressive crashing of the waves. During your time in the Landes, be sure to enjoy a stroll along the Capbreton Breakwater, a special experience surrounded by spectacular scenery.

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